Splinter Cell Blacklist Review Day

It was review day for Splinter Cell Blacklist and the team at Ubisoft could not be more proud! Only a week away from the release and the buzz is palpable!

The Globe and Mail – “…smooth, varied, challenging and perfectly implemented across both single-player and co-op modes.” 9.0 –http://ubi.li/t4y9f

Game Rant – “This game is a must-have for fans of the original Splinter Cell.” 4.5/5 –http://ubi.li/kqvP4

National Post – “”It would be difficult for me to think of a more versatile or playable stealth game.” 9.0 – http://ubi.li/FXyBn

IGN.com – “”Blacklist gets stealth right.” 9.2 –http://ubi.li/WMvrG

Joystiq.com – “Fisher is King” 5/5 –http://ubi.li/m5Dj6

Game Informer – “Ubisoft’s stealth series lights the way for future installments.” 9.0 –http://ubi.li/RtXzt