GO FISH Trailer – Drummond’s Writing/Directing Debut

Go Fish – Trailer from The Incubator Studio on Vimeo.

Co-written and co-directed by Kate Drummond and Brett Heard
Genre: Family, Comedy, Drama, New-Age Spiritual

Go Fish is the coming of age story of Erica Clements, whose blessed life of fortune quickly turns to misfortune when her mom suddenly passes away and her dad slips into a state of depression leaving them financially destitute. Her nemesis, Marcy Spencer, moves into the luxury cottage that Erica’s family used to own, sending Erica farther into a downward spiral. Now at rock bottom, Erica sets out to try and regain the life and status she once held so dear, which she believes is attached to her beloved unicorn paddleboat that her father was forced to sell to the Spencers. Through her journey, Erica discovers the true meaning of personal joy and love from the two most unlikely sources; her cottage dwelling nemesis and her crazy father, who might just be the wisest person she’s ever met.